How To Use A Paraffin Wax Machine for Smoother Skin

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A paraffin wax machine uses a heating element to melt wax for a variety of at-home spa treatments. The Memorism Paraffin Wax Heater specifically is for use on your hands, elbow, or feet. After coating the body part with wax, the warm wax penetrates your skin, muscles, and bones to provide a soothing effect that can relieve the pain of arthritis, bursitis, joint inflammation, or muscular strains and spasms. The soothing wax can also be used to smoothen cracked heels and soften your skin. After the wax dries and hardens it can be removed to reveal smooth, moisturized skin. 

Step 1 

Place the paraffin wax machine on a flat, stable surface. If you are using the machine for hand care, place wax directly into the aluminum pot. If you are using the machine for foot care, insert the rubber pot into the aluminum pot before adding the wax.  

Step 2 

Plug the machine into a wall outlet and select your heating level. The wax should be melted in about 30 minutes. You will know it’s ready once you hear a beep sound from the machine. After the wax completely melts, carefully insert the heat-insulating grid into the pot. You can also touch the paraffin with the side of your palm to ensure that it is not too uncomfortable to submerge your hand or foot.


Step 3

Immerse your hand, elbow, or foot slowly into the wax. Remove the body part and wait for several seconds to allow the paraffin to cool and harden. Repeat this step 3-10 times to build several layers of wax.

Step 4

After building up a thick layer of wax, cover your hand or foot with an included plastic liner and the reusable cloth mitt to retain heat. Allow the paraffin to remain in place for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure you have your favorite TV show already queued up if you are performing the wax treatment on your hand. 

Step 5

Remove the cloth mitt or boot, then take off the plastic liner and peel the paraffin from the treated body part. Dispose of both the plastic liner and the used paraffin.

Step 6

If needed, add more wax to the machine so you can continue treating other body parts. When done, allow the wax to cool completely inside the pot so it can be reused at a later time. 


  • It recommends that individuals with diabetes do not use a paraffin wax machine due to the decreased sensitivity to heat. 
  • Do not apply paraffin to skin that has cuts or other open wounds, is inflamed or irritated, or has decreased sensitivity. 
  • Stop using the paraffin bath machine if the wax feels too hot or not hot enough. 
  • Consult with your physician about your experience to determine whether you should continue using or not. 

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