Memorism 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays will be here before you know it, which means it is time for you to start shopping to beat the holiday rush. Luckily for you, we put together a gift guide of some of our more popular products so you can find the perfect grooming product to keep your favorite people looking sharp. Keep reading for some of our top picks!

GS5 Grooming Kit 


The GS5 all-in-one grooming kit comes equipped with an attachment to trim any hair from your head down to your toes. Whether you need to shape up your beard, trim your mustache, or remove annoying hairs peeking out of your nostrils or ears, the GS5 has the perfect attachment for you.

The self-sharpening stainless steel blades will allow for a close, sharp shave for years to come.

With a 120-minute battery life and travel-ready international voltage adapter, you can pack the GS5 in your suitcase and get through airport security with ease on your next vacation.

Find more details about the GS5 hair clipper here.


RS3 Rotary Shaver 


Traditional razors have been causing unsightly razor bumps and irritation for years.

You have to buy expensive shaving cream and after-shave balm just to keep your face from busting out in red bumps and irritation.

Not only do you have to buy more products, but the disposable razor heads can lead to a pile of waste over their lifetime.

Enter the RS3 electric rotary shaver.

The RS3 does not irritate your skin like a traditional razor or cause the razor bump that traditional razors leave behind.

With a 3D floating head to catch all your stray hairs and a long battery life to last for up to 60 days of shaving, the RS3 is also perfect for those who are constantly on the road and need to look sharp before their next business meeting or presentation.

Find more details about the RS3 shaver here


CS7 Hair Clipper


For those who like to do hair cuts on their own, we have a special surprise for you.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the CS7 hair clipper brings the professionalism of the barbershop to the comfort of your home.

Whether you like to trim your own hair or just need to keep it fresh between full haircuts, the CS7 cordless clipper will keep all your hair neat and tidy.

With adjustable speeds, different cutting lengths, and a variety of guard lengths, you can find the perfect combination to achieve a perfect haircut at home.

Find more details about the CS7 hair clipper here


U8 IPL Hair Remover 


If our line of cutting and trimming products doesn’t “cut it” for you and you want to stop hair growth at the source, the U8 hair remover is just the thing for you.

The U8  allows you to painlessly and permanently remove or reduce hair growth by using integrated pulse lights (IPL) to safely target hair follicles beneath the surface of the skin, eliminating or reducing hair regrowth in those areas for weeks after treatment.

For sensitive skin, you can activate the ice mode to apply 50°F cooling to your skin to prevent redness, thatching, or other skin irritation after hair removal.

Most users see results in a few weeks, with long-term hair growth greatly reduced after the 8-week mark.

Find more details about the U8 hair remover here.


WF9 Water Flosser


The WF9 Water Flosser can effectively remove 99.9% of plaque from treated areas without the pain and discomfort that traditional flossing can cause.

With three cleaning modes and three adjustable pressure settings, the WF9 can treat a variety of dental problems between cleanups to give you a fresher, more confident smile.

The 360-degree rotating nozzle directs a powerful stream of water to penetrate deep between teeth to wash away the debris, plaque, and bacteria that everyday brushing is unable to reach.

With 30-day battery life, this rechargeable water flosser is perfect for on-the-go dental cleaning at home or the hotel.

Find more details about the WF9 Water Flosser here


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